Windows Vista Photo Gallery Themes



We have a problem with Photo Gallery running on Vista Home Premium.

Firstly the Commuter experience rating is 3.1 and the video card is NVIDIA
GeForce 7300 GS which has Vertex 2 shading.

Now for the problem. Photo Gallery slide show was running OK at full screen
until i changed the "Theme" via the screen menu to "Frames". As soon as i
did, the screen went totally black and i cannot find any way to recover the
thing so as to change the Theme back to something else. The program loads
and runs ok until I select the "Slide Show" view on the command bar at the
bottom - as soon as I do - instant black screen. If I subseqently return to
the initial program screen by pressing the ëscape"key, it is clear that
several photos have displayed while the full screen slide show was on, but
only a full black screen is visible. No command bar, no right click menu -
nothing. Any ideas on how I can restore this program to another "Theme" in
this condition or what else might work ?


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