Windows/MSN Messenger, Remote Assistance



I am an IT Professional by trade, but this one has me

I have both Windows Messenger 4.7 and MSN Messenger 6.0
installed under Windows XP Professional. Windows
Messenger options were changed to NOT start on startup,
whereas MSN Messenger is allowed to start on startup. I
usually use only MSN Messenger.

Situation: An external user (also set up same as above,
but under Windows XP Home) invites me through MSN
Messenger to use Remote Assistance to assist them, and I
receive the invite.

Problem: If I accept the invite, nothing happens. i.e.
Remote Assistance does not start.

I have read KB article 330113 "Remote Assistance,
Application Sharing, or Whiteboard Session Does Not Start
After Remote Computer Accepts Your Invitation". I am
fully aware that only one Messenger can run effectively at
one time. I have confirmed that only one Messenger is
running at the time (it happens with either one), thus
this article does not apply to this situation.

Clue #1 is that if I open "Help and Support / Remote
Assistance / Invite someone to help you", it shows
that "Windows Messenger is not installed". This is not
true, as I can shut down MSN Messenger, and start Windows
Messenger from the start menu. Both appear to operate
normally (I can sign in, and chat with either).

Clue #2 is that if the external user sends me an invite
via email, Remote Assistance will start up just fine.

I fear something has happened to the registry keys for
both Messengers, since Remote Assistance should work for
either one. In my case, it does not work regardless of
which Messenger is running.

Any ideas?


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