Windows Media Player Problem

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I hope it's OK that I ask about Media Player here. I couldn't find a
separate category for it.

Around August 22nd, my hard drive crashed and my hubby was able to swap hard
drives (had made the second drive a slave). However, it was out of date and
I had to update a lot of things. It appeared that WMP was not working, so I
downloaded Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft.

However, only a small number of my music files show up there. I did have
Real Player earlier. I went to the "Set Program Access and Defaults" screen
and "Choose a Default Media Player". I clicked "Windows Media Player", but
the checkbox for "Enable Access to This Program" is "grayed out" and is
unavailable. Did the program not download correctly or get corrupted? (I
have dial-up and it took a long time to load.)

I would appreciate any help you can offer. You've been very helpful in the
past! Thank you!


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