Windows legacy profiles NT 3 > NT 4 > 2000 > XP




I'm currently experiencing an issue deploying Windows XP desktops
within a mixed NT environment, all servers are Windows 2000.

Roaming profiles in this environment are using the methods discussed in
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q185950, where the profile specified
in the user account is in a file ending in .usr, as per profiles in a
Windows NT 3.51, and a matching directory ending with a .pds extension
instead containing the Windows NT\2000 profile, including the

This is a legacy from their NT 3.51 network (which they still have
several client machines).

I suspect what is happening is that Windows 2000 will access the .pds
directory successfully at log on to copy the profile down to the local
machine, but Windows XP clients do not appear to support the
...usr/.pds distinction, and consistently experiencing profile errors at
both log on and log off, by attempting to access the .usr file,
thinking it is a directory.

Does anyone have any suggestions for working around this issue for XP
,2000 & NT 4.0 \ 3.51 clients?



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