windows explorer not remembering window size


Van Knowles

I found a post on this newsgroup that was very similar to
my problem.

On my XP Pro system, I size the Windows Explorer window so
it covers the top half of my screen. Then I close it.

After I logoff or reboot, about half the time it comes
back up in a totally different shape and size.

This is rather annoying, but not terrible.

The solution offered in the other posting was:

"Try restting the folder settings: Delete the Registry keys
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags and
both with
all the subentries, then create new keys "BagMRU"
and "Bags" here. At
create a new
DWORD entry
BagMRU Size
and set this to
Restart the computer."

I am hesitant to mess with the registry unless I am sure
this is safe _and_ that it is going to work.

Can anyone verify this as a solution? The other posting
ended there.




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