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Vipin Choudhary

How to block internet traffic on particular client computer..Let me explain
with example.

I have one static IP address viz. 202.X.X.115. I have installed two LAN
card on server machine and installed windows 2003 server on this machine.I
have assigned TCP/IP configurations on one card using this static IP address
,DNS and gateway address.I have distributed Internet among the client
computers using routing and remote services in windows 2003 server on second
ethernet card while configuring private IPs on client computers in the range
of 192.168.X.2 to 192.168.X.30 ,(local gateway of this card is

Through this mechanism all client computers are receiving good Internet

Now ,I want to block internet connectivity only on computer having private
IP address while other comuters must get Internet connectitvity
as usual.

can I block internet connectivity on this computer using MAC address of
this computer or is there any method in windows 2003 server OS to implement

Pl. help me and reply as soon as possible.

Thanking you.


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