Windows 2003 RIS Question,



I set up a small lab to test W2003 RIS before I implemented for a
client. I installed RIS services on the server, and setup a Windows
XPPRO image. I installed that image to a PC using boot disk that was
created using rbfg.exe. Then I installed all the applications on that
PC, run riprep from the RIS server and made a new Image of that
machine. Then I run setup manager and I created an answer file for
unattended installation to use with this new XP image that has all the
applications. Now when I boot the PC using boot disk it gives me 3
options (3images) when I chose the one that was created during the
answer file, I get only the OS not the image with all the applications
but if I chose the image with all the applications the answer file
doesn't kick in. I don't know what I am doing wrong?

Does anyone have any answer?
Any help is appreciate it. Thanks


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