Windows 2000 Server Deployment



(1.) Is it possible to have AD and DNS running behind a DSL connection
without a static ip on a home network?

(2.) Will a third party VPN soltion be required to run a VPN server on
Windows 2000 server? Or can the remote access and routing service built into
Windows 2000 server provide a VPN without a third party appliance and or

(3.) What are cost effective low budget VPN solutions for the Windows 2000
server platform?



Gareth Brown


To hopefully answer your questions;

1) I would not configure a DNS server with a dynamic IP address as this
could cause no end name resoultion problems. If you do not have a static IP
address from your ISP, you could use something like so that as your DSL IP address
changes you can still access the network via an alias.

2) You can use RRAS built into W2K server to provide VPN have a look at

3) Use the built in capabilities of RRAS. Though there are 3rd party
hardware and software available.


Gareth Brown | Consultant | 1E Ltd

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