Windows 2000 deployment



I purchased a new Poweredge Server to replace my existing
domain controller. I have windows 2000 server on both
machines, currently both machines are in Mixed mode. I
am required to maintain the exact same domain name,
computer name, and IP information. There are no other
domain controllers on our network, but we are a part of a
forest. My plan was to install Windows 2000 server on a
separate machine with a different domain, use the ADMT
tool to migrate the users, groups, etc.. and then take
the old domain controller offline, bring up the new one
and then migrate the users, groups, etc... over to the
new domain controller. My first question is will the
above described scenario work? My only problem is that I
am being told that I can not run my new server in Mixed
mode, thus disabling the ability to use ADMT. Any ideas?


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