Win2k Server RRAS setup



Running Win2k Server & Logged in as Admin.

Two problems with the RRAS Setup which are probably the
result of the same problem...

1) While setting up the RRAS, if I right click on my
server under the RRAS Tree... and select properties...
than check the box "Enable this computer as a router"...
the open dialog box seems to accept this setting, but it
will not allow me to "ok" it to cloase the dialog box. I
have tried this with the RRAS running as well as
disabled. When trying this with the RRAS running... I
get prompted that it will have to shut the RRAS down to
make the change. It shuts the RRAS down.... but no
change is ever made.

2) If I right click on my "server" under the service
status window within the RRAS setup... the option
to "configure and enable routing and remote access" is
unavailable (greyed out). It is still greyed out if
I "disable routing and remote access" located in the same
pull down window.

I have checked and re-checked all services that are
dependant... and I think I have them all correctly in
cluding the remote registry service started.

Any Ideas? Thank you in advance for any information.


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