Win XP 64-bit



I am curious about Winxp 64-bit edition. I just built a new system with an
AMD64 3200+, 1gb ddr400 ram, dual 160gb SATA drives in raid 0, etc, etc. I am
currently running Windows XP Professional but received the free download of

I am wondering if I will gain any advantages from xp64. I am an industrial
designer and I primarily run the following applications:
Adobe Creative Suite CS
Microsoft Office 2003
Macromedia MX Suite
Rhinoceros 3D 3.0 (with Flamingo raytracing)
and occasionally ALIAS and SolidWorks.

This machine is a "home" work machine so I also run music/video/games/etc on

Please advise.

Thank you,

Olen Ronning
(e-mail address removed)



R. McCarty

Probably not - Most applications are not coded for 64-Bit use.
As with most "Bleeding Edge" technology, drivers & applications
are not generally available as Windows XP 64 bit isn't a finished
product. If you weren't using the PC for work, it might be O.K,
to experiment with 64 bit computing. I would just use the 32-bit
mode and make use of the excellent hardware you have in the PC.

Maybe to get a feel for XP-64, add an IDE drive and go ahead w/
a 64-bit (Separate) install. Just be sure to Image the permanent
XP installation beforehand. Likely you'll run into driver issues &
supported hardware issues pretty fast.

Andre Da Costa

Its still in beta, I recommend you still run the 32 bit edition of Windows
XP on that system, if still want know if your applications are working ok,
create a separate partition and install Windows XP 64 Bit on it.

Andre Da Costa



Mike Kolitz

As Andre pointed out, WinXP x64 is still in beta, so it's not at production
quality yet, though you're welcome to play around with it.

I believe I read somewhere that - in testing - most 32-bit applications will
see a 8%-25% performance increase from running in a 64-bit operating system.
I can't find the source for that, though, so I'd take it with a grain of
salt at this point.

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