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Bhavana Vallabhaneni

I am using win 2k pro . I am having problem with
booting the machine. After I log in, the system hangs
without displaying the desktop icons and the system tray.
This was happening for the past couple of days after I
shut the system leaving the floppy and the CD inside. When
the system hangs, I am trying to log off by using
CTRL+ALT+DEL and then re-login again. Re-login works fine.
But, I cannot use restart option, neither can I shut down
and start again. The system hangs after logging in...

Do I have to install win 2k again? Also, I am facing
new problems day by day. I was getting windows socket
error every time there is a message sent from my machine,
be it something internal to the system or be it online(
say, email messages..). An application error saying that
the memory could not be 'read' also pops up after logging
in.Seems like, Javascript is totally disabled on my
system. Anything that uses javascript on the internet
doesn't work for me.What is the best way to deal with all
these. Is it necessary to re-install 2k ?? If so, could
someone please help me with the system restore option. I
haven't used it before.


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