Which video card is better: ATI or Matrox?


Joe Samangitak

I have to choose between an ATI Xpert 99 or a Matrox Millenium MG200.
I'm having a difficult time deciding, so maybe some expert can help
here. My primary objective is SPEED in 2D applications (surfing the
web, light photo imaging, etc).
Games I don't care about. Both cards have 8MB RAM, but the ATI has a
350 RAMDAC, versus 250 for the Matrox.

I've ran many 2D benchmarks but they don't give me conclusions,
because each card produces better numbers than the other on different
tests. I don't know which tests are most relevant to me. For example,
under FreshDiagnose, the ATI is 6 times faster than the Matrox on the
"Draw" number. On most all other numbers given by this test, the
Matrox is better. On the Fillrate benchmark, the ATI is about 100 FPS
more than the Matrox. On the old Speedmark bench test, the Matrox is
more than 100 Speedmarks better. On the Synthmarks bench under
Software applications emulation, they're both very close, with the ATI
slightly better on the Business test. See what I mean?! Quality-wise,
the Matrox is a better card, but speed is the bottom line for me.


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