Where are the workgroup templates in Word 2007



I have just upgraded one of our PCs from Word 2003 on XP to Word 2007 on Win
7 and I really am regretting it ! We have about 100 templates, in 4 folders,
that are used by everyone in our workgroup. With Word 2003 these are set as
the workgroup templates, and I have a little icon on the toolbar with

SendKeys "%2"

as a macro behind it which opens the templates so we can see the listing of
(the List view). In Word 2003 it all has been working fine for years, but
in Word 2007 it seems not possible to have the same ? Is it possible in Word
2007, please ?

Any help really will be appreciated ... Roger



Graham Mayor

By default there is no Workgroup folder - you will have to configure its
location in Word Options > Advanced > File Locations. Thereafter items in
the Workgroup folder will appear under the General tab of wdDialogFileNew
if you use your macro. Sub folders of the Wordgroup Folder will appear as
tabs, if they contain templates. In this Word 2007 is pretty much the same
as Word 2003.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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