When using subtotals function, they do not come up at the bottom



I am using the subtotal functions in Excel 2002. I have used it before
without problems. Today it is not working properly. I have 2 issues.

These are the steps that I normally do: do the subtotals, insert double rows
at level 2 using the visible cells only, remove the subtotals and then redo
the sub-totals again. By doing this I normally have the data rows then the
sub-total row and then two empty rows for each customer name. Today I have
the data rows then the 2 empty rows then the sub-total row.

When I want to do a second subtotal within each customer (keeping previous
totals)I do not get sub-totals for all the sections within a customer. Some
sections do have sub-totals but some do not. Why would this be so?

Please help


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