O/S : Windows XP With all Updates.
Outlook Version : Office XP with all Updates

Many of our users are having trouble with Outlook and offline folders.

The problem is when they open outlook everything works fine but when they
manually hit the send recieve button more often then not outlook hangs and
then closes itself down. If you start outlook back up again all is fine
(for a while) and the problem may occur again.

Our system is a Debian linux Server (which reports no problems) using IMAP
folders for email. When you have tagged your folders for non offline use
everything works fine. Only when folders get tagged for offline use does
the problem begin to occur. Automatic send and recieve times do not have
this trouble.

I have been unable to work this out has anyone else encountered this problem
or have a suggestion on what may be wrong.

Fred Roberts
(Computer Support)


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