Weird network prnting anomaly


Norm Dresner

Friend's network -- two different WinXP Pro computers, call them A & B.
Each has a local printer which it shares over the network to the others,
call them \\A\Printer and \\B\Printer. Each computer initially sets its own
printer as the (local) default and when each uses it's own printer,
everything is okay.

BUT ... When computer A prints on \\B\Printer, then B's default printer is
(re)set to \\A\Printer! Every time. The reverse does not happen. AFAIK,
the configurations are all Microsoft updates are applied because both
computers are set to automatically check for and install updates so they're
both WinXP Pro SP2. If it makes a difference, Computer A is the proxy
server for the network using WinProxy V5 and is running some version of
BlackIce firewall.

Any suggestions for what to check are greatly appreciated.



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