Web Service Client can not send a Client Certificate


Ricardo Q.G.

I'am having a really hard problem: a business partner have a web service that
expect a client certificate attached to the request.

At my client side (asp.net 1.1), as far as know i can attach a client
certificate by using "ClientCertificates.Add" on the client proxy

public class ProxyClient :
public ProxyClient()

System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate Certificate =

it runs without any problem. it seems is all good, but my partner say that
he is not receiving the client certificate.

how can i be really sure that i am sending it?
is there a way to trace that?

it is important to say that the service is build on java, and of course runs
on a not iis server.

thanks for any kind of advice !!!


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