WDS deployment wizard




Can I make the WDS deployment wizard automated?

I have a captured image on our WDS server and when I want to deploy it to
our client computers I have to enter the same settings each time, timezone,
username/password etc.
Isn't it possible to create an unattended file for the WDS deployment wizard
where I have entered all the settings?

I ran "Sysprep -mini -activated" when preparing the image and then captured
it through WDS and PXE boot.
In the ..\Images\ImageGroup\ folder I created a folder with the same name as
the .WIM file, but without .WIM. In that folder I created \$OEM$\$1\Sysprep
and copied the sysprep files and sysprep.inf with our settings. This part is
running smoothly except for the part where I want to add the computer account
directly to a OU container in the AD.
I use the setting:
MachineObjectOU="OU=WDS,OU=Workstations / Notebooks,OU=Company



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