W2k - W2k3 Domain upgrade.




I have to upgrade our 2 DCs to W2k3. I've run winnt32 /checkupgradeonly and
have got a strange result. These results are shown below:

An application has replaced the Microsoft Windows logon software on your
computer, such as a biometric logon or smart card logon application. This
program might no longer function after you upgrade, which might prevent you
from logging on to your computer. After you upgrade, even if the program
functions, some operating system features might not be available. It is
recommended that you uninstall this software before continuing with the

For more information about this driver, contact the device manufacturer or
visit the manufacturer's Web site.

For a list of software supported by this version of Windows, see the
Microsoft Windows Compatibility List at

On the W2k3 CD, this is detailed in i386\compdata\isvgina.htm.

I've done a bit of digging and people have mentioned MSGINA.dll. We have
several instances of this dll on the DCs, all of which are in Uninstall
folders within c:\winnt e.g. $NtServicePackUninstall$
So MSGina.dll has been replaced by several hotfixes and W2k SP4. We do not
have any remote control software such as pcAnywhere installed no the DCs,
instead using Terminal Services in Remote Admin mode.

Do we need to worry about this warning? All the other warnings I have
received are trivial and can be ignored, and as I have not yet run either of
the adprep commands, we get a Forest/Domain Prep error.




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