W2K multiprocessor issues


Donald Pearson

This problem is driving me nuts, I upgraded to 2000
because NT4.0 has a bug in the multiprocessor kernel that
causes regular crashing.
Now in W2K the system no longer crashes, however there is
still something wrong with the handling of the second
processor. Pretty much any task, no matter how small,
assigned to that processor thrashes the processor to 100%
Change the affinity on the program so it can only use the
primary processor, and it still runs fine, and the first
processor doesn't even blink.

I physically switched the location of each processor on
the board, and the problem remains consistant, so it's not
the processor itself, it's what windows is trying to do
with it.
I'm 99% sure this is still an integral OS design issue,
but i'm giving the benifit of the doubt since the crashing
is fixed, that perhaps there is something that can be done
to resolve this.
Any ideas appreciated,


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