VPN + RRAS settings


Michael J. Earl

Anybody had a problem with settings in RRAS that won't change?

We are running SBS2000 with IAS and RRAS. (2 NIC's - internal + external).
Can connect an external client to the server using a Dial-up via a modem and
can also successfully use Remote Server but we are having real trouble
getting VPN (inbound) to work..

All the settings in ISA look OK (filters + protocols) and I can manage the
settings but when I try to change any of the configuration settings in RRAS
and press 'Apply' they appear to change...but they don't ....
.....when I re-open RRAS the configuration has reverted to the previous
This also means that I can't add any Authentication methods.... Of course
there must be something there or the Dial-up wouldn't work.

Very strange! Can anybody out there throw any light on this because I've
read just about everthing and tried just about everything and.... I'm out of


Mike Earl
Earl Associates


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