VPN on Server 2003



I keep getting an error message on when trying to connect to the VPN
server. I keep getting the 649 Error. I checked that the authenticating
protocals match on server and client side. I have checked on AD to see if
the Dial-in is set to Allow access or allow access through policy. I have
set all the ports...I brought them down from 128 defaults to 5 and made
sure the inbound connection has been set. I have set a block of IP
addresses I am going to use. My router is the and my vpn
server is x.x.x.100 and the client I am trying to connect from is
x.x.x.101. There are some other funtions on the remote access policy at
the bottem that says access through the following connection which is
wireless net vpn. I personally think the problem lies in AD. I am not
sure what is going on. I got it to work from the remote computer one time
and like a dummy I didn't write what I was doing and did a little changing
here and there and now I can't for the life of me get it back up and
running. Help.


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