VPN connections very slow



I have a machine that I recently upgraded from Windows XP to Vista. Since
upgrading I have noticed that my VPN connections are now running extremely
slow. At first I thought this was an issue with the remote server, but after
I noticed it on every VPN connection I tried the same connections from a
Windows XP machine on my same network. The same files take 10 minutes to
copy from my Windows XP machine and 70 minutes to copy from the Vista
machine. Large queries against the database are also running much slower
from the Vista machine verses the Windows XP machine on the same network.

The Windows XP machine has a 5400 rpm drive, a 100 mb network connection and
a 2.0 gig AMD processor with 1 gig of ram. The Windows Vista machine has a
7200 rpm drive, 100 mb network connection and a dual core 1.7 gig processor
and 2 gig or ram.

Has anyone else noticed this or is there something special you have to do to
configure VPN connections on Vista. The current VPN connections were
retained in the upgrade.



Jason Bailey

I read somewhere that another person was having the same issue. The
response to that post was that IPv6 was known to cause issues with some VPN
software. The post recommended that the person disable IPv6 and it fixed
that person's problem.

Sorry I don't have more details, but I'm sure you can google ways to disable
the v6 stack to see if it works for you.


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