Vista VPN to ISA issue




I'm troubleshooting a Vista (32bit) VPN issue. I have 2 laptops one of which
IS able to make a vpn connection and the other isn't.
When I try to connect on the machine that isnt working, I receive the
Error 787:
The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer could not
authenticate the remote computer.

The conclusion so far is that the certificate authentication works fine, but
the l2tp client fails to make a connection.

I enabled diagnostics on both laptops (from an admin cmd: "netsh ras
diagnostics set rastracing * enabled") to compare the outcome:
I look in "C:\Windows\tracing\RASAPI32.LOG" on both machines the difference
starts here

Working machine:
[1860] 17:57:47: RasEnableIpSec(2)..
[1860] 17:57:58: RasEnableIpSec done. 0 Encryption type 2
[1860] 17:57:58: RasDoIke on hport 2...
[1860] 17:57:59: RasDoIke done. Err=0x0, Status=0x0
[1860] 17:57:59: RasDeviceConnect(rastapi,WAN Miniport (L2TP))...

Problem machine:
[2584] 22:22:24: RasEnableIpSec(2)..
[2584] 22:22:24: RasEnableIpSec done. 0 Encryption type 2
[2584] 22:22:24: RasDoIke on hport 2...
[2584] 22:22:24: RasDoIke done. Err=0x0, Status=0x313
[2584] 22:22:24: RDM errors=787,0

When i search on these errors, i can't find any clues, which leaves me a bit
clueless :]

Has anyone an idea whats going (wr)on(g) ?

thanks in advance,


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