Vista Ultimate (64 bit) and Chinese Language Packs.


Fierce Guppy

I am trying to install the Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese
(Traditional) language packs from "Windows Update with Windows Ultimate
Extras" on to this PC but keep getting Error Code 2. Other language
packs install fine. The Chinese ones fail every time.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 bit version with SP2 and have 6GB of
memory and loads of free HDD space left, so it is not a resource issue.

In the Event Viewer:

Event ID 4385:

Windows Servicing failed to complete the process of changing update
936330-54_zh-hk_GDR from package KB936330(Service Pack) into
Staged(Staged) state

- CbsUpdateChangeState
UpdateName: 936330-54_zh-hk_GDR
PackageIdentifier: KB936330
ReleaseType: Service Pack
UpdateState: Staged

Operation: Absent
OperationCompleted: True
ErrorCode: 0x8000ffff:
RebootOption: False

Event ID 4375:

Windows Servicing failed to complete the process of setting package
KB936330 (Service Pack) into Uninstall Requested(Uninstall Requested)


Same as above except PackageState: Uninstall Requested

In my lpksetup log: (C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Temp)

19:19:02:737 : CBS: CbsClient::progress(state=4,ticks=2584,total=2347)
19:19:02:737 : CBS: CbsClient::progress(state=8,ticks=2585,total=2347)
19:19:31:534 : CBS: CbsClient::Error(error=8000ffff,message="")
19:19:31:539 : CBS: CbsClient:Terminate()
19:19:31:539 : PERF: zh-HK operation - LEAVE
19:19:31:540 : InstallThread: Rolling back language zh-HK
19:19:31:540 : PERF: zh-HK initialization - ENTER
19:19:31:540 : DEBUG: ProgressBar::SetRange(0,115)
19:19:31:540 : DEBUG: ProgressBar::SetPosition(0)
19:19:50:215 : PERF: zh-HK initialization - LEAVE
19:19:50:216 : PERF: zh-HK operation - ENTER
19:19:50:216 : CBS: CbsClient::Initiate(language=zh-HK)
19:19:50:216 : CBS: Language pack had error 8000ffff. It has been
19:19:50:220 : CBS: CbsClient::progress(state=1,ticks=1,total=2359)
19:19:50:220 : CBS: CbsClient::progress(state=1,ticks=2,total=2359)
19:19:50:220 : CBS: CbsClient::progress(state=1,ticks=3,total=2359)

I've also tried running a 2007 hotfix (Windows6.0-KB942903-x64.msu)
that is used for removing corrupt language packs. Can't even run that.
"This update does not apply to your system." <moan...>

Has anyone successfully installed either of these two language packs on
the same configuration?



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