Vista just started to hang / freeze up



Installed Vista Beta 2 six weeks ago. It ran fine ( a few bugs of course).
Went on vacation and when I returned it froze after booting. Can't get past

Symptoms: It boots fine. Loads up some stuff. You can use it and run apps.
I can get Task Manager started. After about 2-5 minutes it freezes. No
real indication what causes it. Nothing shows on Task Manager. It's
actually going really really slow (clock changes every 10 minutes or so).
Eventually (30 minutes or so) it will reboot. Same thing happens. I've
stopped it running as much as I can during startup. It's tough to get much
done before it hangs.

Any way I can diagnose what's causing the freeze? Any tools to use? Any
services I might try to stop?

Help appreciated.


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