Vista disk (?) speed in a development environment



I've recently upgraded to Vista Business from XP Pro SP2. I compile code on
my laptop with a great degree of regularity and have noticed that XP Pro was
about 50-75% faster in this area. I've seen articles that indicate that this
is a Vista problem and I wondered if there is a work around that doesn't
involve re-installing XP.

My machine is an Intel dual core at 2.33 GHz with 2GB of RAM and a 7200 RPM
hard drive. I was able to do a build of my entire source code in about a
minute and 30 seconds under XP Pro. On the same machine Vista takes about 4
minutes. A "clean" of the environment took about 2 seconds on XP and
regularly takes 15-25 on Vista.

Is there something that I can tweek to improve this? I have seen on both XP
and Vista that the very first build after a reboot is slower. I assume that
is related to some caching of some sort and have not included it with my

Thanks in advance for any information.



Carl G

I have had Vista since the bata came out last summer.
I have had it on 3 different machines , all about the same specs but
different motherboards.
AND I have yet to see Vista come close to being as fast as XP on just about
My machine that I built now is a Intel D945PVS board , with sata 2 hard
drive and Pentium D 3.2 CPU , 2 gig of memory , ATI X1300 Pro PCIE , 256mgb
Video card.
Vista just isn't as fast as XP was.

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