Vista and XP can't connect to internet with Netgrear router



I have two Dell Pcs with Windows XP. I have a brand new Dell with Vista home
premium and for a week, using a Netgear WPN824 router was fine. Now, it
drops the connection and the router tries to restart every few seconds. If I
remove the Vista PC from the router, it seems okay, but plugging it back in,
I lose the internet connection. I have a good signal at the DSL modem, so
there is an issue with Vista and the Netgear router. Any suggestions.




Turn off UPnP in Vista and on the router... that may help.
Or, buy a new one.
This article describes why an outdated network router may not function correctly when you use
it together with new networking features in Windows Vista. When you use an older router
together with Windows Vista, you may experience any of the following problems:

• Slow network connection speeds or Internet connection speeds
• Gradual loss of network performance
• Lack of support for new features or for networking technologies

The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool checks your Internet router to see if it supports
certain technologies. You can use this tool on a PC running either the Windows Vista or Windows
XP operating system. If you're planning to run Windows Vista, this tool can verify whether your
existing Internet router supports advanced features, such as improved download speeds and
face-to-face collaboration using Windows Meeting Space.

The tool is intended to be run from a home network behind a home Internet (NAT) router. Running
this tool from behind a corporate firewall or on operating systems other than those specified
above won't produce accurate results. This tool requires administrator privileges to run.

The tests can require up to 10 minutes to complete and do not make any permanent changes to
your router. For the most accurate results, your computer should be connected directly to your
Internet router, using a wired connection.


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