Virus in System Volume Information- can't remove


Frank Streicher

virus resident shield program (AVG) notified me that I
have a Win32/Hantana virus in the System Volume folder.
Ran repeated virus checks with various programs
(including AVG) but reports are clean.

how to I get at the file (it's in the recover
subdirectory)? Can see the main folder , but cannot open
it in order to get to the infected file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Jupiter Jones [MVP]

System Volume Information is the System Restore data.
Turn off/on System Restore to delete corrupted files:
Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore.
Click System Restore Settings on left side.
Check "Turn off System Restore", click OK, follow prompts and reboot.
This deletes ALL Restore Points including corruption.
Then go back and turn on system Restore and create a Restore Point.

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