Viewing Outbox Prevents Sending Email

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Outlook 2003, SP2

If I have pending email in my Outbox and I click on Outbox, the message will
immediately change from italics to normal font and will not send when I
perform Send/Receive. I do not open the message, I just view the contents of
Outbox. If I open the message and click send it immediately reverts to
normal font and will not send. To send such a message, I have to drag it to
Drafts, open and send it from Drafts, then do send/receive without opening

This strange behaviour just started happening today. The only thing that I
changed on my system was that yesteday I uninstalled Sony Ericsson GC82 Edge
Card drivers and installed Sierra Wireless AirCard 775 drivers.

Anybody have any ideas on the cause and how I can fix this?






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