Viewing MY AOL e-mail messages via Microsoft Internet Explorer


patrick mckee

Thru Friday, 7-11-03, I could, from my office, via
Microsoft Internet Explorer, view my AOL account e-mails,
readh them, respond to them, delete and forward them.
Today, Monday, 7-14-03, I can still go to MY AOL account,
retrieve my e-mails, but I cannot open them and read them.
After signing in @, a large gray message page
appears w/ the header "Microsoft Internet Explorer" @ the
top and the yellow yield sign. The 1st line states" DIG
assertion" followed by "dig.composer.replace...." and the
entire page is filled w/ numbered instructions that are to
me not understandable. Can you assist? What and/or where
is the problem - w/ Microsoft Internet Explorer or @ AOL?
Thanks, Patrick


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