VB6/MSAccess Query Problem


Ryan Prather

I created a program in VB6 and a DB in Access. The database has a
Artists, Albums, and Tracks table. I also have the same the in app. I
am trying to get the artists to come up in the albums form in the app.
I am using a ADO control to get access to the DB within the program and
a simple SQL Query to isolate the desired data. In order to populate
the Artist listing in the Albums table I use a query to get a list of
all the artists then simple select the appropriate one. So they are
joined and the data is actually formated as a number instead of text.
So there in lies the problem. When I do the query and try to populate
the artist listing in the albums form in the app, it shows the number
for the artist not the actual name. Is there a way that I can have it
follow the number to the real name and use it...a sub-query or
something? I can include the code if it would help. Thanks. Also, if
I run that same query in access it works just fine, but outside of
access it doesn't like it. Any help would be great! I know I have the
option of removing the connection between the tables and just go with
straight text, and if that is the only option then I'll do it. Thanks.



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