VB/SQL server problem



VB2005/SQL Server 2000
I have a dataset which includes a query using a wildcard search.
when run from the dataset designer or from Sql Server this works correctly
however when calling the dataset from VB the wildcard search fails to return
rows on some occaisions. Taking the commandtext from the dataadapter and
running it also works correctly.

data to be matched is 'tower college' (data is nvarchar)

search criteria:-
%tower% ok
%tower college% nok
%tower%ege% ok
%tower%college% nok
%tower_college% nok
%tower%llege% nok

as i say above when run from the dataset designer all the above are ok

data was (apparently) imprted from an excel spreadsheet (version unknown)
i suspect this might be an encoding problem but i am clutching at straws

anyone have any ideas how to follow this up further?



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