VB Net 2003 Deployment Failure



After a week of beating my head against a wall I still continue to receive
the following error message when trying to deploy a package using the
cabinet option. The same error occurs with a different "cabinet" name when
using the setup file option.

The file "_5F6C71C 2868460B5581E521727434428" cannot be installed because
the file cannot be found in the cabinet file "SETUP.CAB". This could
indicate a network error, an error reading the CD-ROM or a problem with this

NOTE WHEN USING Winzip to open the cabinet the file EXISTS in the cabinet.

Some additional information:

Development environment Windows XP home edition SP2. Net 2003

The error does not occur when deploying using the loose files option.
Program installs and runs correctly.

There is no network error.

There is no error re CD-ROM. Deployment fails within the development
environment or from a hard drive installation.

The problem must be the package itself.

Have tried turning off all virus and other non-related programs - still

Have tried reinstalling Net 2003 - still fails

Have tried rebuilding both the project and the deployment from scratch -
still fails

The program runs just fine in the development environment and when deployed
using the loose files option.

As I recently updated windows to SP2 - could this be causing a problem with
the windows installer??? Or with net assembling the package for

As the file exists within the cab I am totally at a loss as to what is
causing the deployment failure.

Any ideas on how to tackle this problem would be really appreciated.



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