Using System.Design.Dll in Web Control Library


Robert Wilkens

I'm a newbie trying to follow the example in the help here:


I'm doing the C# path through the walk through. I'm up to the step labelled
"Creating a Custom Designer".

Here's my problem.

The example says:
(1) Add a reference to System.Design.Dll which i do with No Problem.
(2) Then it says to add a class to the project, and that the class should
open in designer mode -- but the thing is that the designer never opens, it
just opens in a code editor with a very basic class created (nothing like
the sample class they seem to describe).

My Question: How do I get this thing to open a class in the designer while
working on a project based on the template "Web Control Library".

This is not a requirement, but I would appreciate it if you could send an
acknowledgement to my e-mail account so I know to look for a reply here. I
plan on checking this newsgroup regularly, but my ISP expires messages
quickly, so I may miss a message if I miss a day.



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