Using console mode and arguments



Hi All,

I am relatively new to c#. I am trying to use a code that works fine in the UI mode in console mode.

The application takes a list of files (input in xml) and generates xml files (output) compatible to another tool.

the UI works fine. But I am trying to modify the existing source code to accept arguments while invoking the exe in command line. But in the formmain.cs i have a function that generates the required xml with the following inputs.

public bool bGenerateXml ()
bool b_status = false;
if (m_bGui)
m_ModuleNames = m_SettingsForm.InputFiles;
m_OutputFileName = m_SettingsForm.OutputFilePath;


But I am trying to set the m_ModuleNames & m_OutputFileName by taking the input filename and output filename as argument (from program.cs) file but I am facing problems in setting these variables. either related to protection or the type conversion etc.
can someone help on how I can set these variables from program.cs and being able to use the console application.

thanks a lot.


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