USB 2.0 seen as USB 1.0 in Windows XP


Bruce Lee


I'm having trouble trying to get Windows XP to understand that my USB 2.0
ports are v2.0 not v1.0. I've installed WinXP service pack 2 and Googled for
info but still no luck. Can anyone help?

Here's a list of my USB controllers (I think it's the NEC one that should be

NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller x 2
USB Root Hub x 4
VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller x 2

Cheers very much






I had this problem with my gateway laptop.. And have heard of this
problem alot..

for me. after installation of servicepack2 i had purchased a 160 gb
external hdd usb2.0 and the speeds where incredibly slow.... so i
had talked to gateway.
they wanted me to UNINSTALL SP2 and install a quick fix for 2.0 and
then if it worked reinstall sp2.. I know microsofts bs when it
comes to uninstalling any thing.. so i told them i would just reload
since i needed to do it any way... well need less to say the quick
fix they gave me didnt work.. so i went to and found
a driver there that worked perfectly...

( just wanted to share my story) hehe

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