Usability - drop down box - Arrow INSIDE box?


Drop down

I can create the drop down list -- but the user must "know" to click in the
cell before the arrow for the drop down appears... How can I
1) have the default display "click to displya CCC list, or List of XXX"
2) How can I have the drop down arrow appear on the default??

It is too hard for unfamiliar users to know to click in the field/cell, then
the drop down arrow appears, then click on the drop down arrow... all this
just to get to the list and select



Dave Peterson

You could replace the data|validation dropdown with a combobox from the Control
toolbox toolbar or a dropdown from the Forms toolbar.

Personally, I like the ease of use of data|validation. To make sure that the
users know that they have to enter a value in a cell, I'll use a fill color of
light yellow.

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