UpSideDown Cursor and other video follies



The video works well on two out of three instances of XP on my machine and
strangely on the third. I have three and each has an unrelated problem.

The main build quit shutting down normally two weeks ago, ending in the Blue
screen of death. This precludes system restore and some other things. The
second build is an old clone of the first, installed to solve the BSD
problem. This one works for a couple of minutes and then reports “Generic
Host Process error.†If I don’t send a report, the OS continues to operate;
if I do it becomes unresponsive.

The third is a fresh install from the source disks, now patched with all the
updates. The fresh install has a fresh video set-up and the weird problem. My
Nvidia Geforce 8500GT is driving two Acer displays set on a rack top-to-top
in portrait orientation. The video set-up part of the original, cloned build
works well on them. The new #1 monitor properties window shows, and would
allow me to select, a resolution larger than the 1060 x 1680 native to the
display and, also, the picture is displaced 2†up from the base (what would
be the right side of the monitor in landscape). The cursor icon on the #2
monitor is rotated 180 degrees (pointing down and to the right) but the
cursor x-y is where it would be if the icon were up and left.

On setup yesterday, with both displays in landscape mode, the cursor was
properly oriented and slid across both. Deletion and re-install of the video
drivers did not solve the problem. This leads me to suspect the problem is
with some video function of XP and might be caused by one of the patches.

I do NOT want to reinstall XP again from the source, I had to call
Microsquash to get permission for this one.


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