Upgrading to faster CPU on Dell Dimension



Installed a new Intel 3.06GHZ CPU on my Dell Dimension 4550 with a 533MHZ FSB. Unit had an Intel 2.4GHZ before the upgrade. With the slower CPU the computer appeared fast, when I upgraded to the faster CPU I noticed the games that came with Windows XP Home slowed down to the point it appears like I'm running an 800MHZ CPU. Upgraded the latest bios from Dell, re-installed Windows XP, removed and re-installed the games, no change as the games are still running slow. By slow I mean when a game is won or the cards are being delt in Spider Sol they are jerking or in regular Sol they count down from the King to the Ace like the CPU was on vacation. The unit has 256M of RAM, 64M video card that came with the unit with the latest drives installed, new Western Digital 40GHZ hard drive. Also have tried both "Hyper threading" and non hyper threading with the CPU along with numerous hard drive setups in the system bios. Also have been to a local computer sevice regarding this problem. When they were informed what I have tried they also informed me they have come across the same problem, not sure why this happens when the CPU is upgraded. Anyone have any ideas?


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