Update or Insert in tableadapter not working


Diana Estrada

Hi, I have a store procedure to insert , and I use tableadapter to execute this store procedure, when I run the application and execute the sp with :
dbPrensas2006DataSetTableAdapters.spq_PrensaTableAdapter prensa = new Prensas.dbPrensas2006DataSetTableAdapters.spq_PrensaTableAdapter();
int i = prensa.Update(ID, this.txtNombre.Text, int.Parse(txtNumero.Text));
and after I see the datagridview and the new row is there, but the problem ir that when I stop the application and look my database in SQL Server 2005 the table don´t have the new row.:(
Somebody knows why? or Any idea to execute the store procedure to insert or delete or update rows in SQL Server 2005 data base using C# 2005.

Thanks a lot!!


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