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(Read this with font courier new or equal)
I have a table adapter which fills a datatable with data from two sql tables: Properties, and PropCompanyInfo:

tbl1.PropertyID pk identity(0,1)
tbl2.ID pk identity(0,1)

Selected with the query SELECT tbl1.PropertyID, tbl1.PropertyName, tbl2.ID, tbl2._PropertyID, tbl2.CompID, tbl2.Comment from Properties
left outer join PropCompanyInfo on tbl1.PropertyID = tbl2.PropertyID and tbl2.CompID = @CID
The result is all rows from Properties, joined with PropCompanyInfo where found.

I have a datagrid where the user should add or edit comments (the rows amount is static).
Could look like:
PropertyID PropertyName ID _PropertyID CompID Comment
7 Birdland
12 Fireland

As you can see in this example there are no rows with comments for this company.
Now I want to update tbl2 with all rows that have a comment added. I get the message that ID don't allow null. I also have to set the _PropertyID to the same as PropertyID, and the CompID has to be set somehow.

Since I have a dataset with a datatable, I think this could be made without events for the grid and other code?

I'm not a full time developer, so I think there are some fundamental things I don't get here? HELP!

Regards Magnus


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