Unable to send readable messages in Korean or Japanese



I just went WGA from Korean Xp Pro to English Xp Pro causing me a number of
headaches, could not get Korean here in the Sates for some reason.

The problem I am having is when I send a message typed either in Japanese or
Korean the people in Japan or Korea cannot read the message. It is all

I have install every thing I can find related to East Asian Languages I can
from Microsoft, added a number of fonts from Korean and Japanese sources.

All to no avail, no one can read our emails in Korea or Japan. I am
wondering should I convert over to an OEM version of Xp or Vista. Because
none of the language packs work.

I set my computer for Korean and tried Japanese still the same issue.

Also all my music files will not display Korean or Japanese. I have to
physically go in and edit the files to redisplay the fonts. Still will not
work with most Japanese fonts but will with Korean.


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