unable to remove reminder for appointment that was deleted in MSOutlook 2007



A recurring appointment was deleted, but for some reason the reminder
pops up every time I open Outlook. I click "Dismiss" but Outlook is
unable to dismiss and returns the following error message "Cannot turn
off reminder. You may be reminded again. Cannot locate recurrence
information for this appointment." So I try to delete the reminder/
appointment in the reminder window using the delete key and receive
this error message "There is an error dismissing the reminder
"Hephzibah committee/board meeting. . ." Dismiss operation
terminated."" The other quirky item is the appointment time is set as
now, so whenever I open Outlook, it reminds me that in 5 minutes I
have this appointment. I clicked on "Calendar" "Current View" and
changed it to "All appointments" and deleted the appointment in
question - but the reminder continues to pop up. How do I remedy this


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