Unable to encrypt email with Entrust digital certificate


Michel Zwarts


I'm using Outlook 98 to send an encrypted email to a recipient, but it
gives the following error: "Microsoft Outlook had problems encrypting
the message because the following recipients had missing or invalid
certificates, or conflicting or unsupported encryption capabilities".

First of all, I received an email from that person signed with his
Entrust digital certificate, which I imported its address with success
by right-clicking on the "From" value field and then "Add to contacts".
I verified the Contact entry in the Address Book, and the person as
well as its certificate were added correctly. I browsed into the
details of the certificate, and everyting seemed fine. I also selected
"Explicitly Trust this Certificate".

Next I used the Contact entry to create a new message to that
recipient, then went to the security options and selected "Encrypt
message contents and attachments" and "Add digital signature to this
message". By the way I've got a functional Verisign digital certificate
to sign messages. After having written the message, I clicked on Send
and it gave me the error mentionned earlier.

Anybody have had problems with Outlook 98 (on Windows NT4) with Entrust
digital certificates?



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