Unable to change 'Outlook Today' settings


Eddie Gonzalez

Please help . . . I want to change the settings for
Outlook Today, but when I click on 'Customize Outlook
Today ...' nothing happens! I hear it click and the button
becomes active with a dotted box around it, but the
settings window does not launch. I have uninstalled Office
2K, reinstalled it, and downloaded all service packs. I've
already tried the 'Detect and Repair' feature within
Outlook 2K.

Anyone out there have any ideas???



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

The following MSKB article provides the fix for this issue.

OL2000: You Cannot Customize Outlook Today After You Install Critical
Update 813489 for Internet Explorer:


Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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