TV card problem



Hi all am nre to this group,

Am having a problem with my TV card, its a Play TV pro, with Philips
Tuner and chipset BT 848.

Am curently using WinXP and for play TV am using More TV version 3.53
(not really sure of the version) at first it was ok and i was able to
view all chanels and the application work corectly but now when am
starting the application am getting the following error:

BT CHIPSHET 848 Not Found

BT CHIPSHET 849 Not Found

BT CHIPSHET 878 Not Found

I have tried several times to uninstall the application and reinstal
with no result, the tvcards works corectly i have checked using the
software bundled with the card but it does not allows me to have a
corect image.

Can someone help me please

Kind Regards and thank in advance


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