trust relationship W2K vs NT4 problem.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory' started by Sebastian Guerrero, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Hy guys.

    I have some problems to make a Trust with a Windows 2000
    Advanced server and a NT4 Server. Im the Admin from the
    domain works with W2K, other Admin works with NT4.
    The problem is this.
    My Server have 2 network cards. I have my domain working
    in the net 192.168.* and the other card its in the net
    10.7.41.*. The network card where i put my domain with,
    AD, DHCP, WINS and DNS its the network 192.168.130.* but
    in this net i dont have rotes to the network wheres is the
    other trust domain, so the people sugest to me use the
    network card in the network 10.7.41.* to make the trust
    relationship. well it dont works, and i recive 2 different
    error messages one in the mmc console and the other in the
    command line.
    The error message i recive in mmc console is this: The
    Secure Channel (SC) query on domain controller \\(server)
    of domain (DOMAIN) to domain (DOMAIN) failed with erro:
    There are currently no logon server avaliable to service
    the logon request.
    An SC Reset will now be attempted.

    The error message in command Line: C:\>netdom trust
    (DOMAIN) /Domain:(DOMAIn) /UserD:(USER) /PasswordD:
    (PASSWORD) /
    UserO:(USER) /PasswordO:(PASSWORD) /verify

    You already have a connection to \\RJRJO003. Please
    disconnect it and then
    rerun the netdom command.
    The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of

    The command failed to complete successfully.

    Someone have a sugestion please? Thanks Guys.

    Sebastian Guerrero
    Sebastian Guerrero, Dec 11, 2003
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