Trouble with Page Setup to Print 11x17



I am having trouble printing a spreadsheet that I need to print on 11x17
paper. I have the page set to 11x17 and landscape already.
I need all my columns to fit on one page and the spreadsheet can be however
many pages long it needs to be.

In Page Setup I adjust spreadsheet to print to 45% of the normal size--view
it in Print Preview--and the 1st page looks just right (my last column is
close to the right margin,etc) but I go to the next page and it's only 4 or
so rows long. The next couple of pages look fine then the page after that is
only a few rows long.

So I go to Page Break Setup and move the page breaks where I need them (i.e.
move them so I don't have pages that are only 4 rows long, etc.) then I view
my spreadsheet in Print Preview and it's greatly reduced with too much space
between the right margin and my last column.

It's a vicious circle where I adjust one thing thinking my width looks OK
only to find out it knocks the height of my pages out of whack so only a few
rows print on a single page.

Help, please! It's driving my nuts!





What happens if you get rid of all your page breaks?
What options do you have set in the Page Setup -> Scaling tab?
If you set scaling to
Fit to 1 page(s) wide by {blank!} tall
you should get one page wide by however many pages long it is.
The trick to that is to leave the "tall" number blank (delete what's showing
and just don't enter anything.

Does that help?




Hello Minx,

I took your advice and under Scaling made "Fit to...0 tall". That helped a
I had to go to Page Break Preview and manually move the page breaks so that
only 4 rows wouldn't appear on one worksheet.

I didn't know how to delete page breaks, though.

It's been difficult for me to knon how to enlarge your spreadsheet and make
it fit so it can be printer friendly.

Thank you.

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